Vuong Do
\\Xoai C

Born in 2001, Vietnam
Web Designer — XCC Office
Founder — ONE XCC


Full Name:Do Minh Vuong
Sub Name:Xoai Chua Cola
Marital status:Single
Birthday:2 February 2001
Native languageVietnamese


Address:Thanh Lam, Me Linh
Hanoi city
Phone:(+84) 383 398 867
E-mail[email protected]

As a decent person, I always take responsibility in all assigned tasks!

I don't only care about members, I always understand to aim for a positive and exciting community.

I'm ready to face the real challenge of entering the big sea. It's not just a joke, I'll prove it!

Selected work

Web Designer

    • 60%
I don't learn in depth about the stages of web programming like front-end or back-end, otherwise, I have many years of researching about building full stack web through wordpress.

Python Programmer

    • 75%
This is my focus skill. I have studied artificial intelligence programming, so I use python as my primary programming language.

Video Editing

    • 65%
I have quite a bit of artistic thinking through the process of artistic video editing in my free time. I published a youtube channel and I have been very attentive in each of my works.

Web Designer
at XCC Office

29.04.2019 — 15.07.2021

I have done many website building projects here for 2 years, undeniably my work because I have earned quite a bit from it.


For all time. Always!

I have many plans and ambitions with this brand, of course I am its sole founder. However, I won't boast until it is officially recognized by law.


Graduated Student

05.09.2007 — 30.05.2019

I have completed 12 years of learning in 3 schools. I have received a diploma and have all the necessary certifications of a real citizen. It's been a journey full of ups and downs for the past 12 years, so I really appreciate it.

Bachelor of IT

05.09.2019 — 30.05.2023

I am currently in the process of training at FIT department - Hanoi university, of course I will have a bachelor's degree if there is no problem in the next time. I have reached the English standard, but I hope to get a few more international IT certifications at last



I have a lot of ideas about fantasy stories. I intend to write it in my spare time.


I love to create smart programs that can improve my work and others.


I love art video editing so much such as AMV or some movies. The truth is, I want to tell it my own way or write a new meaningful and profound story.